Raphael Marques

I’m a Product Designer based in Vancouver, with a background in digital marketing and research. I’m curious about human behaviour and how many coffees one can drink in a day. Or tea — not judging.

TELUS - Subscriptions on Demand E2E Journey

Subscriptions on Demand is a new experience that TELUS is offering to customers, allowing them to sign up for monthly pre-paid products. This new end-to-end experience was a collaborative project including over 200 team members from cross-functional teams.One of the main challenges of this project was to design a new platform, an E2E journey that could potentially be reused for a variety of product launches in the future. We followed 3 major design guiding principles: iteration, reuse, and speed to market.- Role: Product Designer
- Timeline: 12 months
- Deliverable: E2E Web Journey
- Impact: Reduced purchase experience from 8 to 3 clicks while delivering a scalable solution that would result in more efficient go-to-market releases for new products and services.

TELUS - SmartWear Security Migration to E-commerce

SmartWear Security is a discreet safety device paired with a required monitoring plan and app to give customers a hidden panic button to get help when they need it. This is part of the security portfolio at TELUS and my first project when I started with the company was to migrate it to the e-commerce platform.- Role: Product Designer
- Timeline: 5 months
- Deliverable: E-commerce migration with purchase experience
- Impact: The new experience resulted in a 20% boost in conversion rates through innovative user-centric solutions.

BAM Digital - Dorian Apartments Responsive Website

Dorian is a renovated rental development by Thrive Communities in the heart of Seattle, WA. The main goal of this project was to design a responsive website to match the renovated Thrive communities’ development.The new building aesthetic is elegant and upscale, and the client asked for a website that would have that same sophisticated look and feel, while still being easy to navigate and functional for the user who is looking to rent an apartment in downtown Seattle.- Client: Thrive Communities
- Role: Lead UX/UI Designer
- Deliverable: Responsive Full Website
- Team: BAM Digital developers and Marketing team from Thrive


Treno is an app that connects young athletes with professional sports coaches through unique and personalized feedback videos. Treno coaches can record and send the perfect feedback that young athletes need to take their game to the next level.- Role: Product Designer
- Timeline: 12 weeks
- Deliverable: MVP - iOS App
- Tools Used: Figma and Otter.ai
- Collaboration: Marketing, Sales, and Engineering teams
- Design team: Myself and Natya Dharmosetio

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